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Website Links Count Checker

Welcome to Fiverrpromotion’s Website Links Count Checker

This tool can be beneficial for you if you are active to maintain your website quality and rank your website on the search engine. This tool will help you if you want to know how many links are outgoing on the current page of the website. If you are a website master or website owner then it is necessary to check to regularly your website links to maintain the quality of the website.
Most important, it can help you to save the money and budget that you are spending on the backlinks or advertising of your website or products. Using this tool you can monitor your website links and can work on them in a proper way. So, it is recommended to you if you are at the starting point. Use this tool and remove all those pages that can damage the reputation of the website if you are going to exchange the links.

Website link Counter by Fiverrpromotion

Most website owners worry about the link to their websites. Because quality external and internal links can rank the website on the search engine. It is mandatory if you want to rank your website it has to be good and quality external and internal links. On Fiverrpromotion we are providing this facility to the website owners and advertisers for free.
Use this tool today and get the results about the links of the website. It can help you to save money and time Here you can count external and internal links both at the same time on the same tool and platform. This tool can help you if you want to increase the quality of the website. 

How to use Website LInk Counter

The website link counter is very easy to use. You can use it by following these small steps. All the steps are listed below 

  • Open the Fiverrpromotion and click on the SEO Tool 
  • Scroll down and click on the website link counter
  • Copy the link to the page that you want to check
  • Paste the link into the input section on the Tool
  • Click on the Submit Button
  • Matter of sec you got the results. You can check and analyze them 

What are the Internal Links? 

When you use the website link counter tool, you got some internal links. Internal links are those links that are linked to other pages inside the website. These can link to the same page at a time. In this category no external link involves. These links keep you inside the website. 

What are the External Links? 

The website link counter can show you some external links while you use this tool. External links are those links that connect to other sites. These links are also called partner links.

A higher number of external links can give you the best SEO results. You can rank your website easily

What are the Total lInks? 

 Total links are the sum of all types of links. Such as External Links, Internal links, Empty links, etc……

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