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Work for Us and Get $5 order on Fiverr

We know that it is very difficult to get orders on Fiverr if you are a new seller or if you have a new Gig. Work for Us and get an order!


Just Post 500 Tweets using Your Twitter Account

No time limit. Just tweet our Promotional text. You can do 80-100 tweets daily for 5-7 days so it is a total of 1 hour of work.


Follow These Stepes for posting the Tweet.

  • 1. Go to Twitter.com using Your phone or Desktop.
  • 2. Login to your Twitter Account.
  • 3. Search "Fiverr" on Twitter.
  • 4. Search for “Fiverr” on Twitter search. Click on Latest from the search menu.
  • 5. Like the tweet of the user and comment the below text:

    Hi, If you want to promote your Fiverr Gig and want to get more orders on your Fiverr Gig then please, follow us: @FiverrPromotio9 and submit your gig here: https://fiverrpromotion.com

  • 6. Repeat step No. 5 and do daily 80-100 tweet comments for 5-7 days.
  • For better understanding watch this video: Watch Explaination Video


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and Fiverr Gig URL

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Frequently asked questions

You will get an order from a USA buyer. The country name will be the USA of the buyer.

Yes, you will also get a 5 star review from the buyer with nice feedback.

You will get the order within 24 hours after completing the tweets.